Journey into heart of new Roma Street Cross River Rail station

A network of more than half-a-kilometre of cavern and tunnels has now been completed beneath Roma Street, heralding the next exciting phase of construction for the key Cross River Rail underground station.

Progress at the Roma Street site means there is now a very real sense of the journey future passengers will take to get to platform level almost 30 metres underground.

The milestone, as well as a new flythrough of the future station, illustrate how Roma Street will become Queensland’s most significant transport interchange once Cross River Rail becomes operational.


Meanwhile, work has been progressing well elsewhere on the new underground station, with cavern arch permanent lining and back of house construction well underway.

The new Roma Street station will be open when Cross River Rail becomes operational in 2025.

Roma Street tunnels fast facts:

  • Including the station cavern and adjoining adits, about 587 metres of tunnels have been excavated beneath Roma Street;
  • The 280-metre long cavern will house the station’s platforms, which will be about 220-metres long and set up to 27 metres below the ground;
  • The five adits connecting to the cavern have different purposes, including pedestrian access, use for services and electrical equipment, tunnel and station ventilation, and construction access;
  • Into total, about 126,000 cubic metres of spoil has been excavated to make way for the cavern and adits;
  • A further 38,382 cubic metres of spoil was excavated for the station box and 22,700 cubic metres for the services building;
  • More than 46,000 people are expected to use the new Roma Street station each weekday by 2036.