Incident at Boggo Road worksite – Update 27/7/23


Our contractor advises the worker involved in the incident at Boggo Road on Tuesday (25 July) remains under the care of the PA Hospital.

Our continued thoughts and prayers are with the worker, his loved ones and his colleagues.

We continue to assist Workplace Health and Safety Queensland with its investigation, and we also expect the major contractors responsible for the site to cooperate fully with the safety regulator.

Wider safety claims

It is important to let the investigation of this incident take place to determine what has happened and why.

However, given broader claims made in recent days, we reiterate that safety remains Cross River Rail’s top priority and we expect the on-site contractor to uphold the highest possible safety standards.

The majority of Workplace Health and Safety Queensland notices were issued in the early phase of construction.

It is not unreasonable for a project of this size and scale to receive this kind of attention from the safety regulator.

We welcome the focus of the safety regulator, and continue to work with the contractors to ensure safety remains a priority across the project.

Site access

The Delivery Authority is aware union representatives restricted workers’ access to a number of sites on Thursday morning (27 July 2023).

This comes after the on-site contractor requested via email that staff return to sites on Thursday morning (27 July 2023) to participate in consultation and engagement with management.

The Delivery Authority understands this request was in relation to reviewing work processes and safety methodology in site offices with staff input to commence the safety review process.

There was no expectation for work to recommence on site.

The major contractors have a responsibility to ensure sites meet the highest safety standards, and we expect them to engage constructively with their workforce and their representatives to work through any issues and concerns.