Cross River Rail will deliver 450 jobs for young Queenslanders

The Cross River Rail Project will generate 450 new apprenticeships and traineeships for young Queenslanders during the construction life of the $5.4 billion project.

Cross River Rail is a once-in-a-generation project that will change Brisbane and South-East Queensland forever, enabling a turn-up-and-go public transport system and easing pressure on our road network.

It will unlock the bottleneck at the core of the rail network and also unlock new career pathways for hundreds of young Queenslanders.

The Queensland Government has announced that 450 young people will directly benefit from this project by securing an apprenticeship or traineeship during the Project’s construction.

That means hundreds of opportunities for aspiring builders, electricians, welders and high-tech trades like signalling, telecommunications, electrical controls and specialists in mechanical works like escalators, elevators and air conditioning.

These opportunities will set these young people up for life as well as giving them the chance to work on a city-changing infrastructure project.

For further information on the career opportunities with Cross River Rail visit the Jobs and Contracts page.