Cross River Rail marks St Barbara’s Feast Day

Workers across Cross River Rail’s sites came together recently to commemorate a hugely significant day in the tunnelling industry – the Feast of St Barbara.

At our Woolloongabba site, workers marked the occasion on December 4 with a blessing from a priest within the station box, followed by a barbecue lunch.

St Barbara is a Christian saint who lived in the third century and is the patron saint of miners, tunnellers, military engineers, gunsmiths and anyone else who works with cannons and explosives.

A statue of St Barbara is placed at the entrance to every tunnelling site around the world, including at Cross River Rail’s Boggo Road, Woolloongabba, Albert Street and Roma Street sites, to protect those working there.

Priest wearing robes, high visibility vest and hard hat reading from the bible as he blesses the Woolloongabba site, Safety fencing and a cement truck are visible in the background Tunnel workers stand at the base of the excavation area listening to the Priest bless the site