Construction continues despite COVID-19

Despite the COVID-19 crisis, construction of Cross River Rail has continued thanks to the introduction of stringent social distancing restrictions and hygiene protocols, enabling the project to keep a workforce of almost 1,800 workers mobilised across eight different worksites.

The benefits of continued construction have also flowed on to local manufacturing and construction supply chains, keeping Queensland subcontractor companies in work and the State’s economic engine running during this extraordinary time.

At our Roma Street site, works are progressing well, with removal of the pedestrian bridge over Roma Street being completed in a 47-hour intensive block of work, the installation of a large acoustic shed and continued demolition of the old Hotel Jen building.

Demolition works of two inner-city corner blocks are now also complete at Albert Street, with piling works for the station box underway and construction of an Acoustic Shed now underway.

At the Woolloongabba site, piling works are now complete which provides support for the excavation of the launch area where our Tunnel Boring Machines will start digging Cross River Rail’s twin tunnels in early 2021.

At the Boggo Road/PA Hospital site, piling work has begun on the 150 piles required for the station box with 100 piles already installed.

Work in the rail corridors has also kicked off, in particular at the Project’s northern tunnel portal, located between Roma Street and Exhibition stations.

Throughout all of this work, substantial social distancing measures have been maintained to keep workers safe so we can keep workers working. Continued construction means that Cross River Rail is able to support the economy in a time when support is needed most.