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Cultural Heritage Management Plan

The Delivery Authority intends to develop a Cultural Heritage Management Plan for the Cross River Rail Project, under Part 7 of the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2003 (Qld), in relation to the areas shown on the map below.

If you would like further information about the development of this Plan you can contact us by phone: 1800 010 875 or by email: [email protected].

The Plan Area

Virtual Songlines

The Cross River Rail Delivery Authority is committed to acknowledging and honouring the cultural heritage of our project alignment. The map below indicates where our stations will sit relevant to the landscape of Brisbane, as it belonged to First Nations people.

Cross River Rail works in collaboration with Bilbie Labs, helping bring to life Virtual Songlines, a virtual world where we can pay respect to the stories, traditions and customs of Brisbane’s Traditional Owners.

This digital world allows us to visit our station locations as they were in 1819, exploring the geology, environment, stories and traditions.

Players can walk through the native bushlands that covered the area that is now Brisbane CBD, wander the banks of the Brisbane River, learning about the native animals and plants found in the area and interact with the First Nations people who inhabit the lands.

This collaboration with Bilbie Labs is done acknowledging the traditions and paying deep respects to all Traditional Owners who have walked this land before us, and those that will walk with us into the future.