Shorncliffe Line: after hours system testing

Testing of the new railway signalling system is now underway along the Shorncliffe Line as part of the Cross River Rail Project.


Details of testing

From July 2022 until early 2023, signalling system testing will be carried out between Sandgate and Shorncliffe stations.

All parts of the signalling system will be progressively tested, including equipment installed on and alongside the track, equipment onboard a test train and in the Rail Management Centre at Bowen Hills.

From July onwards, a train fitted with new onboard equipment will run between Sandgate and Shorncliffe stations, testing different parts of the system. Following this, the entire system will be tested in its full operating mode, known as end-to-end testing.

Further testing will be undertaken in stages along the remainder of the line between Deagon and Northgate. To learn more about how the signalling system works, read our fact sheet.

What to expect

Train testing will occur at night and on weekends between Sandgate and Shorncliffe stations intermittently over the coming months. To ensure safety, this must be completed when revenue service trains are not running.

During July, testing will occur from Monday 4 July to Thursday 7 July between 10.00pm and 4.30am each night.

It will involve:

  • A train undergoing stationary tests at Shorncliffe station
  • A test train running at low speeds between Sandgate and Shorncliffe
  • Approximately six ‘up and back’ runs will occur each night
  • For safety, horns are required to be sounded as per normal operations
  • Hold and release traffic management at, Kennerley Street, Curlew Street and Palm Avenue level crossings
  • Generators will be used at Curlew Street car park, Sandgate and at the Friday Street end of the Shorncliffe
    station car park to power equipment and a temporary site office.


What to expect if you live alongside the rail corridor

Residents between Sandgate and Shorncliffe stations may see and hear trains outside of normal operating hours
and noise associated with the testing (e.g personnel and light vehicles).

All staff will be fully briefed about their community responsibilities in relation to minimising noise and disruption after hours, and environmental controls put in place wherever practical.

If you want to know more, all of this information is available in PDF form: