Roma Street station Subway and Bus Platform Upgrades - Project introduction

Cross River Rail Delivery Authority is delivering a much-needed visual transformation of the existing Roma Street station subway and busway platform 2.

From May 2023 until mid-2024, work will be undertaken to upgrade the architectural finishes within the station subway and on busway platform 2 to complement the new underground Roma Street station.


INTREC Management have been engaged by the Cross River Rail Delivery Authority to undertake upgrade works within the subway and on busway platform 2.

Details of work


The below works will be ongoing until late May 2024.

  • New tiled floors, walls and ceiling finishes including on all stairs to existing platforms.
  • Upgraded wayfinding and signage.
  • Improved accessibility enhancements including tactile indicators and stair treatments.
  • Upgraded amenities.
  • Upgraded lighting throughout.

Platform 2

The below works will be ongoing from May until late 2023.

  • New tiled floor finishes including tactile indicators and stair treatments.
  • New platform canopy roof lining.
  • New column linings and finishes.
  • Upgraded lighting.


Site establishment and early investigations

The below works will be ongoing from May 2023.

In preparation for works, INTREC Management will establish a temporary site office on the eastern side of platform 3 and adjacent to platform 10. Offices will be in place for the duration of the upgrade works.

Site establishment activities will include:

  • Installation of temporary site buildings
  • Installation of temporary worksite fencing
  • Delivery and storage of machinery, materials and equipment.

Early investigations will also be undertaken including survey, site inspections and preparatory works.

Construction hours

Standard construction hours are 6:30am to 6:30pm Monday to Sunday. High impact demolition work within the subway will be scheduled outside standard construction hours when commuter numbers are lowest. Out of hours work will be undertaken from 11pm to 5am Monday to Sunday.

The community will be notified in advance of any works being undertaken out of hours and at night-time.

What to expect

During the works, access to all platforms and the subway will be maintained.

Works are planned to be completed in a staged approach to minimise impacts. There will be temporary and intermittent changes to customer access during the works and early notification will be provided to customers.

Materials will be delivered and removed from site out of hours via Parkland Boulevard and the busway. There may be an increase in construction vehicles travelling to and from the worksite via Parkland Boulevard.

Construction activities may generate increased levels of noise, dust and vibration, and will be mitigated onsite where possible.

If you want to know more, all of this information is available in PDF form: