Update - Roma Street station site: existing stormwater main relocation

Work to relocate the underground stormwater main in Roma Street is scheduled to be completed in May 2021. Additional weekend work is required, please see below for more information.

Access to properties, the existing rail and bus stations and vehicle movements on Roma Street will be maintained at all times.


Map of the temporary traffic and pedestrian changes required during night and extended weekend periods in Roma Street.

Work details

Most of the work to relocate the existing stormwater main has been completed. The remaining work to be completed includes:

  • Delivering plant and equipment to the construction site
  • Implementing temporary traffic control
  • Installing a pre-made concrete pit lid and filling around the excavated area
  • Removing excavated material from the worksite using trucks
  • Reinstating a section of the road surface on Roma Street, including backfill and line marking, once all work is finished.

Please refer overleaf for information about the required temporary traffic and pedestrian changes, night and extended weekend work periods and what to expect during the work.

Work Hours

Work to finalise the stormwater relocation will be undertaken at night between 6:30pm and 6:30am due to traffic permit requirements and for the safety of our workers.

Weekend work

To minimise ongoing night work and complete the work as efficiently as possible, an extended weekend work period is required. Please see the table below for more information about weekend work.

Additional notification will be provided to adjacent residents prior to night work and extended weekend work periods.

The following works will occur at Roma Street between Makerston and George Streets from 8:00pm Friday 28 to 4:00am Monday 31 May:

  • Installing a pre-made concrete pit lid.
  • Backfill and reconstruction of Roma Street surface.

If the work is unable to be completed on this weekend, it will be undertaken on the next available weekend.

Temporary traffic and pedestrian changes at night and on weekends

To maintain access at all times, the following temporary traffic and pedestrian changes will be in place in Roma Street and the surrounding area during night work and extended weekend work periods:

  • Changed traffic conditions and reduced lanes on Roma Street, George Street, Herschel Street and Makerston Street. Access will be maintained in all directions under traffic control. Access to properties will be maintained.
  • Closure of the eastern Roma Street pedestrian crossing at Makerston Street during night work and extended weekend work periods. The western pedestrian crossing will remain accessible throughout the work.
  • Access to the existing Roma Street rail and bus stations will be maintained at all times.

Traffic control and signage will be implemented to assist motorists and pedestrians around the worksite at this time.

What to expect

  • Construction activity with potential for increased noise, dust, vibration, truck movements and workers. These impacts will be reduced as much as possible
  • Construction impact mitigation activities such as street sweepers and water trucks for dust suppression around the work areas
  • Temporary traffic and pedestrian changes on Roma Street and the surrounding area. Please plan your journey and allow additional time if travelling through the area
  • Work is subject to relevant approvals and suitable weather conditions.

If you want to know more, all of this information is available in PDF form: