Roma Street station construction site: Weekend work within rail corridor

The Cross River Rail Tunnel & Stations team will be working in the rail corridor near Roma Street station between 2:00am Saturday 18 April and 12:00am midnight Sunday 19 April 2020.


Details of work

Work to be carried out within the rail corridor during the weekend period will include:

  • De-wiring of overhead lines and removal of support structures using rail-mounted cranes
  • Installing a track-mounted buffer stop and associated utilities and signals near platform 3. Buffer stops prevent trains going beyond a certain point on the tracks when stopping.
  • Installing temporary construction fencing on platforms 2 and 3
  • Installing temporary infrastructure on platform 3
  • Surveying and identifying underground utilities such as water, electricity and gas using a vacuum excavation truck
  • Geotechnical investigation using a drill rig
  • Installing survey monitoring equipment at Roma Street station
  • Removal of materials and waste from the work area at completion.


What to expect

As a result of this work, you can expect:

  • Increased levels of localised noise, vibration and
  • The use of construction machinery such as vacuum excavation trucks, mobile drill rig, frontend loader, concrete trucks, compaction
    equipment, mobile cranes, hand tools, lighting towers and trucks
  • Increased construction vehicle movements on local roads and within the rail corridor. The project team will access the corridor via existing entry and exit points at Albert and Countess streets.
  • Temporary changed traffic conditions on Albert Street to facilitate the safe delivery of equipment and materials
  • Workers may arrive onsite one hour prior to the planned start time to prepare.

Every effort will be made to keep disruption to a minimum for nearby residents and businesses, this includes:

  • Ensuring plant and equipment has been maintained appropriately
  • Minimising light spill by directing light-generating
    plant and equipment away from residential areas
  • Conducting toolbox talks with workers to reinforce out-of-hours work protocols.


Work hours

Work will occur continuously between 2:00am Saturday 18 April and 12:00am midnight Sunday 19 April 2020 and has been timed to fit with existing Queensland Rail work. Work is subject to relevant approvals and suitable weather conditions.


If you want to know more, all of this information is available in PDF form: