Demolition at Roma Street

The Brisbane Transit Centre and Hotel Jen buildings are being demolished to make way for the new underground station at Roma Street.
Demolition of these buildings will be done in stages between late 2019 and late 2020.

The buildings are being demolished level by level, starting from the top and working down to ground level. Demolition involves:

  • Disconnecting utility services including electricity, water and gas
  • Removing internal fittings and fixtures. This includes safely removing any hazardous materials found in the buildings in accordance with regulatory requirements
  • Installing scaffolding around the perimeter of the buildings and gantries over the footpath to maintain safe access for pedestrians
  • Structural demolition of the buildings. Heavy machinery, including excavators and cranes will be used to demolish the buildings
  • Removing demolition waste. Existing lift shafts within each tower will be used to move waste to the ground floor where it will be loaded into trucks and removed from site

Demolition works will generally occur during between 6:30am and 6:30pm, Monday to Saturday. Due to traffic restrictions and to maintain the safety of the community and our works, some works may occur outside of these times.

  • Frequently asked questions

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  • The following buildings and structures are being demolished:

    • Hotel Jen
    • Brisbane Transit Centre including East and West Towers
    • Pedestrian bridge over Roma Street
    • Vehicle ramps

    Demolition is expected to take about 12 months to complete, weather and construction conditions permitting.What type of equipment will be used?

    Various heavy machinery and equipment will be used for demolition including cranes, excavators with hammer and grab attachments, loaders and concrete saws.

    An 85 metre tall tower crane has been delivered and assembled at the site to move large equipment and materials during demolition.

    A hoist attached to the outside of the building, along with some of the existing lifts, will be used to move workers and smaller equipment and materials.

    Yes, work is being staged to maintain access to Roma Street station at all times.

    In early 2020, a covered walkway will be installed through the work site to provide safe access between Roma Street and the existing rail and busway platforms during construction.

    The pedestrian bridge will permanently close in early 2020 and be demolished soon after. Notification will be provided in advance of the bridge closing.

    Temporary traffic changes will be required on Roma Street and the other roads surrounding the site.

    Changes may include footpath and road diversions, lane closures and reduced speed limits.

    Signage and traffic control will be in place to assist the community through any changes.

    We encourage the community to be alert and to follow signage when travelling through the area as conditions will be regularly changing.

    We are working closely with TransLink and Queensland Rail to minimise disruption to public transport services and maintain services during construction.

    In mid-2020, the busway at Roma Street will be temporarily closed to allow for safe demolition of the old coach terminal which overhangs the busway. Buses will be diverted onto Roma Street during the closure.

    Temporary relocation of bus stops near the site may also be required intermittently throughout construction.

    Notification will be provided in advance of any public transport changes.

    Nearby busineses and residents may experience an increase in noise, vibration and dust during the demolition. These impacts will be reduced as much as possible. Mitigation measures include:

    • Limiting high noise and vibration activities to standard construction hours where possible
    • Planning to minimise machinery and equipment movements
    • Enclosing the buildings in scaffolding and screening to reduce dust.

    Demolition waste will be recycled and reused wherever possible. For example, the concrete from the floor slabs will be ground up and reused in the construction of roads and other infastruture.