Southern Area - Service relocation

Relocation of utility services, including Telstra infrastructure, will start in late October 2020 in the southern area.

Two work areas will be established on Kent Street and Pound Street to support this work.

From late October, work to relocate existing Telstra infrastructure on Kent Street will start. Two temporary work areas will be established, including one located near the Kent Street cul-de-sac and in the footpath on Pound Street.

Approved vegetation trimming and removal will be required to access both work areas on Kent Street and Pound Street. Please see map below for location of work areas and vegetation removal.

This work is expected to take approximately eight weeks to complete. Some of this work is timed to occur during approved Queensland Rail weekend track closures in November. Further details will be provided prior to this work occurring.

Kent Street work site

  • Mobilising construction equipment to the work. Access to Kent Street will be maintained
  • Installing fencing around the work area
  • Constructing a temporary footpath diversion around the work area. Temporary footpath closures will be in place while this work is completed
  • Vegetation trimming and removal within the work site and adjacent areas.

There will be no impacts to the bikeway or pedestrian path on Kent Street. Signage and traffic control will be in place to assist pedestrians, where required.

Pound Street work site

  • Mobilising construction equipment to the work area
  • Installing fencing around the work area
  • Approved vegetation trimming and removal within the work site on Pound Street
  • A pedestrian detour will be implemented around the work area.



Work hours

Site establishment and relocation work will generally be carried out between 6:30am and 6:30pm Monday to Saturday. Due to traffic restrictions and to maintain the safety of the community and workers, some work will be undertaken at night between 6:30pm and 6:30am. Further notification will be distributed in advance of night work. Work is subject to relevant approvals (as per the utility asset owner) and suitable weather conditions.

What to expect

As a result of this work, you can expect:

  • An increase in construction workers and vehicles in the area
  • Use of construction machinery and equipment including chainsaws, large drill rigs, vacuum excavation truck, excavator, loaders, trucks, concrete saws, hand tools, light vehicles and traffic control
  • An increase in noise, dust and vibration for a nearby businesses and residents. These impacts will be reduced as much as possible
  • Temporary changes to pedestrian access
  • Temporary changes to traffic conditions including lane closures and road closures on Pound Street, Kent Street and Railway Terrace. Further notification will be provided prior to changes to traffic conditions.

Every effort will be made to keep disruption to a minimum for residents and businesses in close proximity to the works.

If you want to know more, all of this information is available in PDF form: