Albert Street station site

To enable construction of the new underground station at Albert Street, buildings at the intersection of Albert Street and Mary Street will be demolished.


Preparing for demolition

From mid October, the Cross River Rail Tunnel and Stations contractor will be undertaking demolition of buildings at the intersection of Albert and Mary streets. Work will occur within the construction site now established in the closed section of Albert Street (between Charlotte and Mary Streets) and will include:

  • disconnecting utility services and removing internal fittings and fixtures
  • installing scaffolding around the building perimiters and gantries over the footpath to maintain safe access for pedestrians
  • demolishing works at Lot 2 (see map below) starting in mid-October and continuing for approximately eight weeks
  • demolishing works at Lot 1 (see map below) starting in November and continuing for approximately 12 weeks
  • removing demolition waste.

There will be an increase in vehicle movements to remove material from site. These vehicles will primarily be using Mary Street for Lot 2 and Albert Street for Lot 1.

The buildings will be demolished level by level, starting from the top and working down to ground level. An increase in noise can be expected during these activities.


‘Soft’ demolition and safe removal of any hazardous material

Prior to demolition of the building structures, work will be carried out to remove internal fittings, fixtures and to safely remove any hazardous materials found in the buildings.

This work will be carried out until 10pm at night. This work is not expected to be noisy.

These activities will be carried out in accordance with regulatory requirements for the safety of workers and the community.

Utility investigation and relocation works

To verify the location of underground utilities (including electricity, gas and water) ongoing activities during normal construction hours will include:

  • excavation using a vacuum truck to identify existing underground utility services
  • trenching to relocate underground utility services.

Some of this work will be performed by the utility asset owners and may occur out of hours. The utility asset owners will notify any impacted customers directly.

Work hours

Other than the soft demolition and hazardous material removal works noted above, works will generally occur between 6:30am and 6:30pm, Monday to Saturday, weather and construction conditions permitting.

Workers may arrive onsite one hour prior to the planned start time to prepare for the day’s activities.

Mary Street traffic and footpath changes

In mid-October and early November, partial closure of traffic lanes will be in place on Mary Street in the vicinity of Albert Street for weekend works. The Mary Street footpath on the work site side will also be closed for two weeks in conjunction with this work. These closures are to support activities that include:

  • installing site hoardings
  • installing pedestrian protection gantries over the footpath on the northern (site side) of Mary Street
  • identifying and relocating utility services
  • removal of vegetation and street furniture
  • excavation using a vacuum truck to identify existing underground utility services
  • geotechnical investigations using a drill rig
  • early demolition works.

Further details are provided in the Mary Street Works Notice October 2019.


What to expect

As a result of these works you can expect:

  • an increase in construction workers and vehicles in the area
  • a potential increase in noise, dust and vibration. We are committed to reducing these impacts as much as possible
  • minor traffic delays due to lane and footpath closures. Traffic control officers will be in place where required to maintain the safety of road users, the community and workers.

Work is subject to suitable weather conditions.

Every effort will be made to keep disruption to a minimum for residents and businesses near the project site. If you have questions at any time you can call 1800 010 875 to speak to a member of the Cross River Rail Tunnel and Stations contractor team.

If you want to know more, all of this information is available in PDF form: