Albert Street station design

The first CBD train station to be built in more than 120 years, Albert Street Station will improve connectivity to the southern part of the CBD.

The new underground Albert Street Station will become the main pedestrian feeder point for QUT’s Gardens Point campus, the parliamentary precinct, the new Queen’s Wharf development, an upgraded Eagle Street business district and the City Botanic Gardens. It will also provide easy access to Elizabeth Street and Queen Street Mall.


Main station entrance. Concept only – not final

Architectural design

The warm subtropical Brisbane climate with a combination of panels, louvres and generous shading devices. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Queensland verandas, this design creates a cool and inviting atmosphere.

The main station entrance building will feature metal cladding, architectural louvres and an aluminium wall extending from the canopy to the top of the roof. The back of the building is finished with concrete in a grid pattern. The canopy is approximately 17 metres at its highest point above ground level and will extend approximately 22 metres from the main station entrance building over the precinct below.

The northern entrance building will be finished with aluminium cladding and will feature a steel architectural awning which will extend approximately 4 metres from the building.

Lighting will be included underneath the canopy and awning from the building frontage over the station entries. This will provide lighting at street level for night-time safety and amenity.

Main station entrance

The main station entrance is located on the corner of Albert and Mary streets. The building will also house the mechanical and electrical support systems including power, communications, hydraulics, heating, cooling and ventilation to the new underground station. There are no windows located on the outside of the main station entrance building.

The station building is approximately 40 metres high from ground-level and includes a ventilation outlet on the roof which adds an additional 10 metres.

The station platforms are 31 metres below ground-level and are accessible via lifts and escalators in both the main station entrance and the northern entrance.

A ventilation system is being built within the main station building and includes an outlet on top of the main station entrance roof and covers an area of 5m2. The outlet is required to operate the tunnel ventilation system and is located on the corner of the station building roof closest to Albert Street and Mary Street and is designed to have minimal impacts to the adjacent buildings.

Main station entrance is positioned on the corner of Albert and Mary streets and is next to bo the Oaks Festival Towers and Mantra on Mary.
Concept only – not final

Northern station entrance

The northern station entrance is located on Albert Street, near Elizabeth Street. The height of the northern station entrance building varies due to the angled roof line.

At the Albert Street frontage, the building ranges from approximately 12 metres to 13 metres in height, and the back of the building is approximately 1.5 metres shorter.

The northern station entrance building is smaller in comparison to the main station entrance building as there are no critical services or systems within this building.

There are no windows located on the outside of the northern station entrance building.

The Northern entrance at the Elizabeth street end of the station.
Northern station entrance. Concept only – not final

Maintenance requirements

At the main station entrance there is an alleyway at ground level between the station building and adjoining properties which will provide staff-only access via internal doors to some services for the building.

Staff will access the back of the northern station entrance via the Elizabeth Street alleyway.


Cross section of the future Albert Street station.
Concept only – not final
Legend contains:

  1. Main station entrance building
  2. Escalators to access platform level
  3. Northern station entrance
  4. Mezzanine level
  5. Platform level

Construction Update

Construction of the station entrance buildings has commenced. The Cross River Rail Tunnel & Stations team will continue to keep the community informed about construction activities and further details will be provided in early 2024.

For more information on the uniquely Queensland design of the station, please follow this link.