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Borehole Drilling

Early works for the project have been underway since September 2017.

Underground geotechnical investigations (or borehole drilling) will help identify any soil, rock or other features that may impact tunnelling works or station construction.

Drilling Along The Rail Corridor

A program of borehole drilling is being conducted at over 50 locations along the proposed Cross River Rail corridor.

The deepest hole drilled to date was at Kangaroo Point and went 66 metres down.

Borehole drilling in the inner-city for the new Albert Street station, the first rail station to be built in the CBD in 120 years, includes a 125-mm borehole drilled to a depth of 40 metres below the road surface.

These geotechnical investigations are critical to inform the construction and alignment of the new station.

Borehole Drilling Discoveries

Watch our videos and learn what we discovered from the rock and soil core samples we took from deep under Brisbane.